My journey as a IT professional started in NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). I graduated specializing IT System Administration. It was fascinating to learn how things are getting done in the background and how closely they are related to our daily life. After graduating, my first role was IT Analyst. As the team was very small, it was a perfect opportunity for me get some hands on experiences with all of the area. I was able to work directly with vendors, internal and external clients to improve system performance and operation reliability.

My current role is a Lead in Quality Assurance Analyst team. It has provided me the opportunity to work with various departments to prevent system issues, understand business processes and
ensure quality of the project to enhance system efficiency. To leverage my experience with many different area in IT, I started a small business where I can help local business owners and non-profit organizations with website, marketing, and general IT solutions. I’m always looking for an opportunity to help so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Professional Experience


Quality Assurance Analyst

Position: QA Lead
Jan 2012 – Present

Job Descriptions

  • Plan, schedule, coordinate, and implement testing programs for IT systems
  • Organize the testing of software releases, including test case design and execution of functional, regression, and integration testing
  • Work with BA and SME (Subject Matter Experts) to define and implement testing processes
  • Work with developers leads to define workflow steps and testing process
  • Create and review testing scripts for functional testers and UAT group
  • Coordinate the test cycle and run the testing group
  • Execute load testing and record baseline weekly for performance and user experience testing
  • Perform smoke test after every release and make dissension
  • Write and distribute reports to describe program evaluation problems found, corrections needed, and problem areas

IT Analyst

Position: Systems Administrator
May 2013 – Jan 2014

Job Descriptions

  • Maintain and support workstation hardware and software
  • Install and maintain router, switches, servers, copier, printers, and mobile devices
  • Manage and support retail and concession POS system
  • Support digital signage system in stadium
  • Support thin client users and manage virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Support vendor application for ticketing, scouting, therapy and coach film
  • Manage Anti-virus/anti-spyware programs
  • Monitor network devices and workstations
  • Basic end-user support
  • Remote user support


Taekwondo Instructor

Mar 2012 – Aug 2012

Job Descriptions

  • Provide safe environment for student instruction
  • Demonstrating and presenting to promote Taekwondo
  • Coaching and mentoring students in martial arts
  • Providing feedback on strategies and techniques